Friday, July 15

GF Oreo Pie

I've been craving a g-f oreo pie since the two boys--the Mr's Darcey--got in a bidding war for one at the last church social. They lost the bid to the table next to us, but they did manage to push the price up nicely for the fundraiser for girl's camp.

I couldn't figure out how how spending $180 dollars for a pie could make me so hungry for it, as the guys cut the pie and passed it around to the losers, but I wanted to run right home and make one for myself.

However, it was a very, very, rich recipe and the elder Mr. Darcey threatened me with my life if I made one while he was still digesting the calories from a night-of-bake-sale-auction debauchery. (I think they cut and consumed all the desserts they bought right there-onsite in the dining hall.)

So months later, we've calmed somewhat, those calories are long gone (the husband is still biking 30 miles to work, even in 100 degree weather), and I'm feeding the college guy who can consume calories like... well, like a college guy.

I made it! Oreo Pie! I used my standard recipe for oreo crust, crumbled (gobsmacked's)oreos, a little sugar (1/4 cup) and a dab of butter, (2 tab.) pressed into a pie pan and baked 10 minutes at 350 to set it. Set aside to cool.

I crushed up about 20 more cookies, (didn't bother to frost the cookies--figured no-one would notice!) and folded those into a cream cheese/whipped cream mixture and plopped the whole thing into the pie shell and garnished with crushed cookies.

Cream cheese filling: 8 oz. cream cheese, whipped with 1/4 cup powdered sugar and 1 tsp vanilla, folded into a small tin of Cool Whip. (I whipped up a pint of real whipping cream and used that because I love it.)

Better than a $180 pie any day.

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