Wednesday, July 13

Banana Citrus Smoothie

Well, College Guy finally got his mission call and he is going to Anchorage, Alaska for two years. We are very excited, but we are wondering about gluten-free food there.

Having him home working to fix all the household nuisance jobs has been good for me because I'm cooking up a storm. Today the cousins came to visit and to work alongside him and no one wonders any longer why he eats so often. After two hours of splitting wood, he breaks for second breakfast, elevensies before lunch and again for snacks twice in the afternoon before salivating in for dinner.

Yesterday while on the lunch break the ex-Peruvian cousin brought in a magazine article from FOOD, Inc and we replicated the recipe for Banana Ice and called it Banamon Orpple Smoothies. I just had to share the recipe 'cause it was so delicious!

3 small lemons juiced
2 bananas peeled
3 oranges juiced (I used 1/3 cup frozen orange juice concentrate)
1/2 can pineapple chunks with juice
2 Tbs. honey
4 cups ice cubes

I put all ingredients in the blender, honey and pineapple juice first so the honey doesn't freeze into shards. I use a Blendtec-I only promote this 'cause I love it! And the brother works there and gave me a refurbished one. I add all ingredients and blend until smooth--adding water when necessary.

I poured it out in glasses, went outside and found a mint-looking herb and garnished it.

Delicious! I promise!

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