Wednesday, March 27

Jason's Deli Trip, Gluten Free?

It's the younger GF gal today, reporting on my latest GF endeavor: eating out with in-laws!

They are so aware of GF, and asked me to pick some options for the family dinner.

My family used to go to Jason's Deli,so I thought I'd give it a chance. Free ice cream sounds good, right?  The family thought it sounded great, so we went.  

their website has a link for Gluten-free in the lower left hand corner, but the menu is hard to see and understand. The in-restaurant one is much better, although it doesn't have any prices and, according to the cashier, is a little outdated.

I was reassured when I walked in to hear the cooks joking around, "don't you stab me with the gluten free knife, I'm not gluten free!" I should've thought twice about MY comment: "Hey, I'M gluten free!"

 I still got my GF sandwich--on GF BREAD, sliced with a DEDICATED KNIFE on a DEDICATED CUTTING BOARD--yes!!!--and enjoyed every bite. (Without getting stabbed, either.)

Here's a picture! I really like spinach, OK...

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