Wednesday, March 27

G-F Strawberry and Goat Cheese Hor d'oeuvres

First posted before Easter last year.  Delicious recipe!

Sweet, sour, salty, deliciousness--another taste epiphany discovered at a little bistro/bar in downtown Tulsa.  A retirement party where the chef knew gluten-free!

I mentioned my condition as an aside, resigned to another for-my-eyes-only social event.  Instead the chef led me from creation to creation, explaining each ingredient and the process of making.

He won me over with the phrase, "then dipped in a 40-year old balsamic," and my taste buds were lost.


Strawberries stuffed with goat cheese at room temperature, topped with hazel, pistachio, or pecan nuts (pulsed to a fine meal) and the best balsamic vinegar you got.


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