Thursday, January 10

GF Authentic Faux Shark Fin Soup Happiness

I made some delightful new friends in Hong Kong and had some mind boggling gastric epiphanies as well.    

I  knew that my life had changed after I had been home a couple days and had to follow the delicious scent wafting by the son's sports practice to hunt down that Cantonese restaurant!

I'm hooked!  I love that authentic stuff!  In Hong Kong we discovered seafood that Americans could never fathom, and I learned that to savor dim sum,  I can chew my way past chicken feet if I must.  What?  Feet taste like wings, only lower.

The entire ten day trip was delightful and delicious and was helped by the fact that my celiac daughter speaks fluent Cantonese and because she is blond, the Chinese were so wowed that they gave her whatever her little g-f heart desired.

Yes, it was their second honeymoon, seventeen days after the short first one, so watching the newlyweds was equal parts sweet and hilarious.   

We ate Asian all ten days, all four g-f'rs and nary an ill wind blew.  Too literal?  Well, not one of us suffered stomach troubles!  YAY!

One meal prepared for us by my new friend Elaine Lam Lau was soup and it was so delicious that she promised me the recipe.  Here is what she sent:  

hi Terina, 

faux shark fin soup
complement one more, blue no.5, and add some picture.

the attachment is a chicken soup recipe, but i didn't follow all the practices, the following method has been modified,
1) the broth can be used instead of chicken powder,
2) egg as personal preferences plus or minus, (i use a habit, no eggs)
3) mature oil in the recipe can be used instead of sesame oil,
4) chestnut flour recipe sauce through a sieve.
5) i add some wood fungus cut into shreds.
hope you can do it
yummy yummy

I admire people with an accent-- for whom English is a second language. That proves they are infinitely smarter than me. So I went with it!  and this is how it turned out...  

Faux Shark Fin Soup Recipe

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