Monday, December 19

Cranberry Almond Breakfast Scones

Well, that recipe is a keeper.   I did everything the same except substituted cup for cup for gluten-free flour and added 1/2 tsp. of guar gum.  (I used my healthy grain mix.)

It was really nice to have sour (berries) contrast with the sweetness of the dough and glaze.  This made delicious muffins, but the liquid was too much to make a mold-able scone dough.  So, I whipped out the mini-muffin tins and dropped them in.  Then they baked about 20 minutes--just until the tops were just solidifying.  These were delicious last night, but required a ten-second nuke in the microwave to again make them as delectable this morning.

It could be that my healthy grain flour mix is heavy on starches and we all know that starches age out overnight.  I'll keep working on this, but until then, enjoy.

Okay, just out of the oven I trashed the less-carb day and ate three of them immediately.

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