Friday, December 16

Citrus Mirepoix

Family Christmas Food Tradition?
Here's another of ours.  

Mr Darcey and I are on our fourth pot of this magnificent food this season.  We can peel and section grapefruit like nobody's business.  I think of it as not only a wonderful food cleansing option for the holidays, but the acid is a nice exfoliate for the fingertips after peeling and sectioning ten of them.

Four large grapefruit, sectioned and defibered.
Four large oranges, sectioned and sliced up.
One can pineapple (or fresh if available) chunks and juice.
Combine these and serve chilled. It's delicious for breakfast. You could serve combined with sparkling water if so inclined.

Reposted from 5-9-9

A case of handpicked Florida citrus was delivered to my doorstep yesterday. You know, the oranges that are skanky on the outside and ambrosia in the middle. The juice of handpicked oranges is a shotglass of pure sweetness!

It's the end of the season, yet I cannot squander such deliciousness. I dug out a Christmas recipe that will become a transition tradition for our family in May.

-------------------------------------UPDATED HEALTH OPTIONS---------------------------------------------

REALITY BITE:   Or if you have been cycling the fruit through the same juice for a couple weeks, natural fermentation may take place and you can have a little bubbly-ness in the juices naturally.
Fermented fruits are Good For You!

Reposted from 5-26-09

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