Thursday, December 8

Cranberry Fudge Recipe Evaluation

How To Seasonally Diet Successfully--Go to Lots of Parties!  

It's sounds so crazy, but this food philosophy works for me.

It's so hard to evaluate Christmas treat recipes while on a food refit!  It technically called a diet, but the word diet has taken on a whole new meaning than just going without food to lose weight. Diet means I'm modifying my food habits to promote health.

Once again, everything aches, so to improve my joint function and lower inflammation, I'm trying something different.  But the food refit bans all sugar!   I know, crazy to attempt this during the holidays, but I'm really just hoping to minimize the damages.
Not to worry!  Today I'm baking for a party tonight, so I feel confident that I have a place to deliver the results and still keep an eye on my prize.

Let's see how it turns out?

This fudge has a different texture than typical fudge.  It is creamy, yet has more of the feel of divinity but not as solid.  I enjoy it, but think that I may like it more with lots more cranberries.  I like the zip and tang of the berries contrasting with the sweetness.

Will I make it again?  We'll see.  It's not my most favorite, but we'll see how much of a crowd-pleaser it is tonight when I present them at the party.

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