Monday, October 27

G-F Creepy Ideas for Halloween

FYI:   My G-F Halloween Planning
Happy Creepy Holiday!  

Here are my pinterest picks for the party do's.  

Tuesday:  Cub Scout Treats
Upside down Keebler fudge stripe cookies, orange wilton tube frosting and a Hershey's kiss = Witch Hat cookies for HalloweenGlow-in-the-Dark Lemonaid     ttp://

Witch Hat Cookies - made with my standard g-f oreo recipe

Mummy cookies - again with the gf oreo recipe.  

Thursday:  Homeschool Party

Skeleten Head Cheese Dip with Crackers

Clementine PumpkinsAdorable and Simple Healthy Halloween snack

GF String Cheese broomscheese and pretzel brooms

And a reprise of the GID Lemonaid - Hey, it works.  

Thursday Night:  Church Trunk or Treat,  
Smores using the portable propane heater--the husband always packs it into the back of the truck.  (We ziplock the marshmellow, and choc covered cookie to hand out.)
  I always have g-f version available. 

FRIDAY!  For My Homeschool BUDDIES:  

forget  Martin Luther's 95 Thesis Anniversary on FRIDAY!   Oct 31st.  
Post something-somewhere in commemoration. 

Giving out allergen free treats, Glowstix and Googly Eyeballs.  The youngest son is wearing the costume I created while watching 14 Shakespeare plays!  YAY!  But 30 hours.  really son?     And yes, it's made from poptops.


Don't forget anniversary of Agincourt day before yesterday.  Watch this so my eldest can go viral--for him that's at least get 100 views.

Saturday - Company Rapelling Team-building  Hey, it's after H Day, but gotta do something.

Purchased BBQ  -  Getting that shindig professionally catered.  Yay, they are G-F friendly.

I will be baking the White Chocolate Creamcheese Cake  I made for the Renaissance Faire last week.  (Link for last week's Renaissance Faire Photos)   Yeah, it's a busy life.  

Gifting each participant with a quart of Mr. Darcey's homemade Apple Pie Moonshine.  
(Gotta make decorative, crafty toppers - back to Pinterest...)

So, away we go!  
Sending my best for a wonderful holiday!  

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