Wednesday, February 5

Grazing -- Not the healthiest choice?

I get some great questions from the comment section of my facebook and this is a good one.

"My kids and I graze.  It seems like I'm always fixing food and not sitting down or eating one giant meal at a time.  They are complaining about being hungry all the time and I wonder if I'm encouraging bad habits for them to be eating all the time.  My little ones have tummy troubles and I've been wondering if that is related?"  

I used to do this too.  I was constantly eating a little at a time and never really filling up or finishing eating.  UNTIL... dut, dut, dut...

Little things that I read started adding up.  The nighttime snack before bed for the kids just somehow felt wrong.  Articles I read said that no gut rest is the problem with children's digestive development.

So I cut out the all-day long eating and the bedtime snack. Don't think it was easy... habits are 21 days in the forming and longer in the breaking!

When I was growing up, my aunt didn't have set times for meals and her kids just got their own food whenever they felt like it.  NOW I'm reading why for centuries societies ate at regularly scheduled times.

Then this article came and it really made some sense to me.

Good luck and trust your gut.  

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