Thursday, January 16

Red Chicken Curry G-F

Fast and Easy curried chicken with a five minute sauce blend--NO CHOPPING.

My G-F Reality is that we don't always have time for the slow cooker, but this quick curried chicken recipe is a delicious main meal cooked either way.

I cracked the crock from my pot so thinking out of the box I began boiling chicken in water while steaming the rice and blended the sauce.  After five minutes or so, I put the partially cooked/drained/diced chicken in an oven dish, poured the sauce over and popped it in the oven at 350 for 20 minutes.  Just 10 minutes prep, while I steamed rice and heated freezer veggies, and I'm set.

Quick and easy.

Recipe Modified: 
The only thing I changed on the recipe?  I used hot red curry from the India for the typical grocery store curry so I left out the red peppers.   And it seemed thick enough so I left out the corn starch and water.

Final Touch?

After it was cooked, something was missing... couldn't quite place it.  Just seemed too sharp at the end... hard to explain, but it made me unable to gobble this until I was sick.   I stirred in a tablespoon of honey.  That did it.  Smoothed out the finish and made it unable to put down.  Delicious.

Can't waaaaait to eat--it smells divine!

PHOTO COMING !!!   I promise.

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