Monday, January 27

GF Beet, Broccoli and Cabbage Salad

This beautiful, eye-catching salad is a great addition of veggies to your winter meatandpotatoes since each ingredient is easy to find in cold months.

Broccoli (2-3 heads, don't throw away the stalks),
beets (4, already cooked),
cabbage (red, only 1/2 a head),

Food process the above veggies (including broccoli stalks) BUT don't purree them. Keep relatively large chunks, as shown on the right. If you're nervous about the power of your food processor and would rather chop, go ahead.

Reality Bite: Or you could learn from experience and get an entire head of broccoli down to broccoli powder before you notice. Oops.

Dress this mix with balsamic vinagrette, apple cider vinegar, sweetener of some kind and salt to taste. Warning, some tastes (like mine) may be different than other tastes (like my husband, who insists I added a cup too much vinegar). Can't ever have too much vinegar!

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