Friday, January 10

G-F Hot & Sour Soup

Yup, we have colds and sickness after the holidays so a cleansing soup is just what my body is hungering for.  I tried this recipe from Yahoo recipes.  It was so simplistically written that homeschool guy made it for me.   He said as he cooked,  "Dang, Mom, that's a lot of vinegar."  I should have listened.  TOO MUCH vinegar--HALF THAT.     But still drank it down.  Vinegar cleanses the sinuses.  That I can state emphatically!

I'll make this recipe for HOT and SOUR Soup again when I'm not mucus challenged and see how it really tastes.  Here are our modifications from what was in the pantry:   (I'm not driving nor shopping in my condition.)

He used onion instead of shallots,
seaweed instead of tofu  (maybe the tofu would have sucked up some of the vinegar)
wood ear instead of fresh mushrooms
and ground beef, not ground pork.

And then he set up the photo/lighting and took the picture.  Pretty awesome huh?

I'm back to bed.    Um... Happy New Year!

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