Wednesday, December 4

GF Holiday Treats

Oh No, We're now G-F!  There go the traditions!  I was shocked to hear those words out of a friends mouth.  I Would Never Give Up Tradition.  MODIFY, DON'T DIE!

Favorite holiday links would have to include the gifts to take to the neighbors.  Most candy recipes are gf or easily made so.

Buckeyes are gluten free!  Use the pbcup recipe, roll centers in a ball and dip in chocolate.
Pecan Turtles  -  g-f pretzels, rolos and a pecan.  You can do this!
Chocolate Dipped Pretzels 
Coconut macaroons   These cookies are fast easy and beautiful if you thumbprint with caramel.
Caramels - Easy, fast and always successful.
Pralines (Go to Paula Deen for that recipe.)
Thin Mints

Aplets-Cotlets (I'll post the 30 year old recipe soon.)  

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