Monday, February 22

Shrimp Florentine

Shrimp Florentine Recipe

A beautiful shrimp and rice platter coated temptingly in a light be'chamel sauce usually screams Beware! Flour! to the G-F'r.
But many g-f flours make a nice roux inexpensively and with no extra effort. Add rice flour, cornstarch or even white bean flour to the melted butter and it has the same thickening power as wheat flour.
I could also use the regular powdered mix of my standard cream soup sauce, but today, the bechamel sauce was perfect for a light shrimp and spinach dish.
I found myself slurping it by the spoonful from the pan while I waited for the rice to steam.

**If you are allergic to rice or grains, see HealBalanceLive's site on how to make calirice (cauliflour rice substitute).

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Neko said...

did you say g-f'r? that sounds like a bad word. guess it sort of is.