Thursday, September 12

Dairy Keen G-F Restaurant Review

Restaurants: GF Scare Factor!  
I have an unnatural aversion to eating out. Wait, no, it's completely natural after about the fifteenth time of hearing this reaction to your gluten-free plee:

"You're allergic to wheat, honey? bellowed to the kitchen: ARE WE OUT OF WHITE BREAD, RAY? NO? See, you'll be fine today. We still have white bread."

Okay, I'm petrified of Restaurants AND I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE.  Mixing Gluten Intolerances and restaurants, are usually a really big NO!
Use these tips when you're thinking about eating out:
  • Good taste is worth calories, it's worth feeling disgustingly full, but it's not worth your health--GET A RECOMMENDATION STRAIGHT FROM THE CHEF. 
  • Be a baby. Fight for your case. Fight your fellow diners, if you have to, and don't eat what you aren't sure will be safe! --EDUCATE: USE THE WORD "CELIAC" AND QUIZ THEM ON  CROSS-CONTAMINATION AND INGREDIENTS. 
  • Err on the side of caution--IF YOU'RE NOT SURE, DON'T ORDER.
  • Don't go Unless You Know--CALL AHEAD. If they can't reassure you, don't take a chance. 
  • Let somebody else be the crash test dummy--READ REVIEWS. 
But Today--the heaven of celiac joy! The home of the train! The best GF burger of my life! Thanks to  Jan from Heber City Utah's Dairy Keen.


The last tip: TRUST NO ONE--except fellow celiacs!

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