Thursday, September 12

Kyoto: Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi --Gluten-free Restaurant Review

Delicious! We went to eat sushi for my cousin Cami's birthday. She said she wanted sushi, but once we got to the restaurant she looked to me for menu direction--she'd never had sushi before! What an adventurer!!

This was a great talk to the chef experience.
He came over once we sent him our much marked-up, mangled menu (which required NO IMITATION CRAB, DIFFERENT SOY SAUCE --Always bring your own, GF bottle-- and NO EEL SAUCE) and made some much-needed suggestions. He ended up making the Playboy, Aloha, Tropical and Mia rolls for us with the sauces on the side. The spicy mayo is the only safe sauce, but when I added my own soy sauce plus the pickled garlic and wasabe paste, it was HEAVEN!

2244 University Parkway, Provo, Utah.
About $30 for four large rolls, but that was on sale (buy one, get one free).
See my soy sauce prominently displayed? Back off, Kikkoman.


Anonymous said...

What city/state are you in? I'm so hungry for sushi!

Dia D said...

I was in Provo, Utah, but you should be able to call ahead to any sushi place and have the chef make suggestions / modified orders for you.

Dia D said...

Good luck on your sushi hunt! (don't forget to take your own GF soy sauce!)