Wednesday, July 3

New Cookbook Review

Product DetailsHave I become such an gourmand elitist that I can't stand bad g-f food?  I thought my cast iron taste buds could eat pretty much anything.  When people say, "It tastes good except for mouth feel... well the texture is off." I'm like, "Huh?"

BUT... Roben Ryberg's new g-f cookbook, Gluten Free in Five Minutes is a fail -- not just once but twice.  The nice thing is that it only wasted ten minutes of my life to try two recipes and they require only one ingredient so that is the great thing.  But, who am I going to fob this cookbook off on?

I think that if I didn't have a killer pizza crust recipe, (albeit one that takes an hour) and a knock-em-dead Angel Food Cake recipe (Thank you Praise-be-Thy-Name Bette Hagman), I would have probably felt grateful for this cookbook that is single serve, easy, simple, five minutes (if you don't feel creepy using a microwave for everything.)  

BUT... a pancake-like sorghum pizza crust isn't worth the calories for me.  That's all I'm saying.  (I broiled the toppings onto it after nuking the crust.)

Perhaps a newbie g-f'r or a single-use g-f baker that doesn't cook for a family, or one that values speed over flavor, A COLLEGE GUY!  That's who I can pass the book onto.  The college guy is coming back from Alaska and he'll back to college life!  What a great idea.  Thanks for the thought, Dia, the "newly married, even Brian (her husband) wouldn't eat that  if I made it."

Maybe in the interim, before he gets home I'll try a few more recipes out of this cookbook.  What can it hurt right?  Five more minutes?

Reality Bite:  The youngest Mr. Darcey was excited about another mug cake recipe in the microwave, as he is totally sold on his favorite 
g-f chocolate mug cake.  But even he couldn't cut this one.  Literally, he couldn't cut it.  

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