Monday, April 15

Symptomless Gluten Sensitivity

A newbie?  I really found this doctor's opinions to be very interesting .  Dr. Clark on YouTube.


christina said...

great video! i started going gluten free months ago after reading a lot about the correlation between gluten and autoimmune diseases. i have a few autoimmune diseases and i was having major issues with my health that no doctor or specialist could help me with. well other then tell me it is from my hormones and autoimmune related. it took awhile but after 6 weeks of being gluten free i drastically felt better. i am totally a believer in being gluten free if you have an autoimmune diseases. thanks for sharing the video!

Terina Dee said...

I really like the rest of his on youtube too. Surprisingly he mimics what my understanding has come to reflect.

Anonymous said...

I went gluten free 12 years ago, way before it was 'trendy'. I have Hashimoto's and osteoarthritis. The difference for me is dramatically less inflammation. I had my first knee surgery while still eating gluten. I was on crutches for 8 weeks, had LOTS of swelling, ultrasounds looking for blood clots. It was a nightmare. My second surgery I had not eaten gluten for a few years. I was on crutches for one day, and eight days after surgery I gently did a salsa class at the gym. Yes, gluten sensitivity IS real and it makes a HUGE difference to many people. I am not even tempted to 'cheat' because it is simply not worth the pain I experience afterwards. Still have some doctors roll their eyes when I tell them that I am intolerant. I make a point to find a different doctor when that happens!