Thursday, April 18

Domino's GF Crust?

Wait, Domino's now has a GLUTEN-FREE** pizza crust?!
Domino's Pizza retains all rights to this image, and has no affiliation
with Gluten-free Reality


Here is Domino's FAQ page about their new "GF" pizza--which is made in the same part of the kitchen, on the same counter, as the non-GF kind. Phooey.
However, their hand-thrown crusts are thrown with cornmeal, so there may still be hope for us to be able to eat a pizza there! 

As usual, your saintly, hungry college lab rats Brian and Dia are here to test it out for you. Brian has almost been GF for five months now and Dia's a veteran of almost five years (am I 23 or 23?) unless you don't count her mission (which she doesn't, because she ate ... everything... on accident).

Send hopeful thoughts our way! 

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