Saturday, September 1

Vacation Bliss--Utah Restaurants

I'm once again traipsing across the country for family obligations and the trek this time is to bring the Hong Kong daughter back to college in Utah.

It was a five hour delight of a flight and the return was welcoming.  The family all came out to celebrate her return and make me food!  Okay, it was for them too, but when someone feeds you, you do feel loved.

While we have been here this trip I've reconnected with friends at several Utah restaurants and wanted to showcase them and their "Gluten Friendly" menus.

 This is a sampling of the GF fare at Brio's in Fashion Place Mall.  I really liked the pasta pomodoro and that is a change, since all of the the GF penne pasta I've sampled in the past has not been at all al-dente, but all denting the dental work!  This was cooked the way of all fine GF dining (pasta reheated from frozen in the ziplock bag) to perfection and the sauce was delicious.  It was equally as delicious as leftovers, nuked the next morning.  

Maxwells in Park City was a delightful dining experience, and the rain that washed everyone inside from the outdoor concert proved very entertaining also!  They make all their pizza choices available in a 12 inch gluten free option and also their pastas.   I ordered the fat boy with pepperoni, basil and ricotta.  The husband couldn't understand why I didn't want to share the pizza when I had half a one left over. 
  IS HE NUTS?  The guy just inhaled two large pieces of lasagna *not gf, and he wanted my pizza? Touch the Pizza and Die Man!  P.S.  It also reheated nicely in the microwave next morning. 

I didn't take a photograph of the deliciousness of the gf pizza at Cafe Paesan in Provo, but was, as always deliciously impressed.  (Having been reassured by the daughter who ate mine graciously as I was having a tummy attack.)

Reality Bite:   For my own future reference, do not gobble four cranberry pills to make up for not taking them day by day.)

Disclaimer:  The word gluten friendly to the restaurant industry seems to remove the litigation factor, as they don't have to take on liability or detail their preparation process.

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