Tuesday, February 22

Paesan Pizza

In life, I find that when something goes, something else in the universe fills in. Half of the Darcey reality duo--the daughter--has left college to prepare for her 18 month church mission to Hong Kong, but before she departed, she introduced me to a gf pizza parlor--so good that we ate there four days in a row.

Cafe Paesan on 69th and State in Orem, Utah has a regular menu for sandwiches, salads and pizza. And everything is also available gluten-free (I love owner's wives who are celiacs). We ate the margarita pizza, the Roma chicken pizza, the Toscano pizza, I was in heaven and they made it look so simple!

But too soon, the day came and the younger half of the Darcey duo left. She is officially ensconced in the mission training center learning Cantonese as prelude to teaching religion in Hong Kong. I'm looking forward to updates on the gluten-free situation in China first-hand. "And, gluten-free in the MTC is heaven," Dia's direct quote.

Meanwhile, I expect I will make up for missing her with a frantic frenzy of baking, beginning with that easy-bake crust from Paesan that doubled for sandwich wraps. Even when I bought one to eat the next day before the plane, it did not fall apart, dissolve, or sog up! I am impressed.

Hmmmm, maybe a combination of recipes like the pita bread from Living Without and Katrina's pizza crust... we'll see.

Best Wishes and farewell 'til we see you again,


Dia's chinese name.

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