Saturday, February 26

Keep my Kitchen Kosher


Must I keep my kitchen completely clean and banish the wheat?

I don't think this is necessary unless you intend to eat in the kitchen.

I jest, but many celiacs are ultrasensitive to wheat, (one man gets sick if he smells wheat soup wafting in the air) and those people definitely need to separate their preparation areas.

I have separated the two parts of the room. On one side I bake, grind, toast, blend, store all my gluten-free flours, and in one small section of the farthest distant region of the garage, is the wheat area. (Again I jest)

I'm mostly joking. I do grind wheat in my garage, but there is one wheat counter where the husband is allowed to cut his bread and make his sandwiches when he brings that devil's mix into the house.

I have a separate mixer, toaster, and grinder, but that is because I don't thoroughly dismantle and scrub these tools after each use and who knows what floats where inside and outside of these machines.

We once had separate cutting boards, and measuring cups, but for the most part, as each members of the family have slowly converted to gluten-free, and our food has morphed to the more delicious/more nutritions g-f variety, we have taken over more of the kitchen.

The husband has stopped buying and bringing in the forbidden substance as he finds that GF food is delicious and more nutritious and life is infinitely easier when he doesn't have to hunt and gather for his own sustenance.(And, Mr. Darcey will pick my hot whole-grain sorghum over store bought wheat anytime.)

His only weakness is still the hot whole-wheat bread, and while I'll grind and have him mix it (in the garage) he has to be on hand to shape, rise and bake it.

Some things are worth the sacrifice for a happy man.

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