Monday, May 14

Zero Carb, Fluffy, Mashed (and g-f) Cauliflower

 I don't like cauliflower, raw, steamed, roasted, I do not like it Sam I AM!

Yet, the temptation of a g-f cauliflower pizza has been haunting me and I have let two cauliflower heads go bad in my refrigerator while the inner debate wrestles the issue.

Unexpected guests came by yesterday and that is the best time ever to try new recipes!  (That's what the evil side thinks, if only to discourage them from coming unannounced again.)  SO to go with the lemon chicken, I pinterested the recipe for mashed cauliflower.  AND Wow!  I agree that it is as delicious as was promised.  I fed it to the party guests and they had some trouble guessing what it was as they too licked it up.

The swiss cheese and butter addition did conceal the true bitter character of cauliflower and made the entire dish delectable, but I'm sure non-dairy alternatives would be equally delicious.  I'm imagining chipotle spicyness.  Good Luck Experimenting!

Chop up a whole head, nuke it in the microwave for ten minutes (to drycook and avoid too much moisture) and then blend it up in a food processor or my handy-dandy Blendtec blender with one teaspoon salt and 3 Tablespoons butter.   I put it into a casserole dish, covered with two slices swiss cheese and sat it under the oven broiler for a few minutes.

Reality Bite:  I'm finishing it for breakfast.  Sad.  Now the cauliflower pizza may never make the blog.

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