Tuesday, May 22

G-F Encrusted Parmesan Chicken

This famous recipe turns out great with g-f bread crumbs.


I think I can say that G-F bread crumbs are the g-f food manufacturer's most successful product!!!   They are easy to make, just take that nasty, hard, crusty, dry bread that manufacturers call g-f bread and crumble it.  It mostly crumbles up on it's own and then I add one teaspoon Italian seasoning and store it in the freezer.

This batch was made from a loaf my sister-in-law bought (she was still under the assumption that going g-f means you will lose weight--and you will if you buy that stuff thinking you can eat it!)  but she just couldn't eat it so she passed it on to me.    VOILA!  beautiful crumbs!

My recommendation is to try it! It was moist and delicous; we'll be doing it again soon.

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