Tuesday, April 10

G-F Silk Dyed Eggs ???

The Best G-F WAY TO Dye Boiled Eggs?  Sorry, I've got gluten-free on the brain.  Someone STOP MY Pinterest Passion.  It's nuts.

I now have 60 recipes drafted from PInterest (not just pinned but drafted to this blog)--recipes to modify gluten-free.  I could tell there was a potential problem when the youngest son and I decided to try the dye-the-egg-with-the-silk-tie idea that we Purloined from the Pin and the son wondered out loud if the egg project could go on the blog.

It's evident that I'm having trouble separating art from food. While I don't expect to eat the results of this experiment, I can't resist sharing the success/failure of this venture.

Meanwhile, I will also share our latest devils egg photos for the season.  The kid can cook. YUM.  
Clean-up, not so much.

Reality Bite:  Today it's Good Friday and he gets home school credit for food science, right?

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