Wednesday, February 29

GF Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

Chewy Oatmeal Cookies just like Mom made, only gluten-free! I've been testing commercial flour mixes and my good friend Amber steered me to this recipe. She recommended Better Batter ( as her flour of choice for desserts because, "desserts are designed for deliciousness, and so using a flour low in nutrients isn't an issue."

People, these cookies are delicious and the recipe she directed me to turned out terrific. So the promise on the box, "Cup for cup substitution for regular flour," worked on this recipe. The true test, took it to a non-gf'r and they liked them--could tell no difference.

Here is the recipe link:

I ate these once last month and salivated until I could mix up my own. They were delicious hot and still wonderful today. I'm thinking the freezer won't hurt them because it's rice flour and starches.

My only substitution was the flour I mentioned and I used g-f oatmeal (Bob's Red Mill not instant, but I did whiz them in the blender for a second to make them finer.)

Reality bite: And I used chocolate chips and crasins instead of raisins.

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