Tuesday, February 28

G-F Bacon Corn Griddle Cakes

At the top of my stack today is a recipe for G-F Bacon Corn Griddle Cakes inspired by Pinterest! I saw another recipe that looked so good it had to be modified to G-F.

To add another layer, today is National Pancake Day sponsored by IHOP and they are offering free pancakes for donations to charity...

Since IHOP does not yet offer g-f pancakes for me, I'll say home and in my own little charitable way, send the recipe out into cyberspace for everyone else.

It's a hard one: 2 Tablespoons each of cooked bacon crumbled, grated cheddar cheese and frozen corn. Stir into one cup of g-f pancake batter and fry on a 325 degree griddle, flipping over when nice and brown (bubbles never seem to form in GF pancakes.) I slathered mine with maple syrup, but they would be so delish with sausage gravy--thereby making it sausage gravy day too.

Made 4-4 inch cakes. Happy National Pancake Day

Reality Bite: If you are just starting out, rumor has it that Bisquick's GF pancake recipe on the box is delicious. You can worry about better nutrients later.

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