Thursday, January 12

GF Yogurt

Store bought pasturized yogurt or homemade? Which is healthier?


In the bleak mid-winter all of my winter ills are beginning.

My immune system is trashed by the time February and
March end and every year I try to boost the immune with
vitamins and healthy food. I drink my green smoothies and
religiously consume my vitamins and colostrum.

As many of us know, sticking to the gluten-free diet doesn't necessarily mean that we feel better. But Great gut health is the beginning and GGH (Great Gut Health) is a balance of healthy mucus, (omega 3) bacteria, (probiotics) and moveability (fiber).

Today I'm talking bugs. And the reason for that? WE'VE Begun HOMESCHOOLING!
Not like most people think, earth mom, teach the child, quiet and brilliant. Nah, this is dip-a-toe-in virtual school. It's the state program offered nationwide-online through the school districts so curriculum is not my burden. BUT That is why we are talking BUGS!

SCIENCE today is lacto-bacillus and we're growing it in YOGURT --the science of Nutrition!

To keep my intestines working is the probiotics in food that produce the bacteria in the intestines. BUT... the purpose of pasturization is to provide a hostile environment for bacteria--so the necessary bacteria in commercial yogurt is short-lived. If we want optimum benefit from yogurt, we must eat fresh yogurt and that means we must make it ourselves.

It's easy and it's simple and it's fun to be able to make my own. Here's the link first posted from three years ago.

Reality Bite: I KNOW three years WHAT? Where did that go?

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