Tuesday, October 11

GF India Food

Reposted from 10-11-11

It's Mr. Darcey's birthday month and I'm returning to my successes for his celebrations.

I love, love, love India's food! And the best part is that many Middle Eastern food staples are gluten free. 

My new favorite store is Laxmi's and I went there Friday and bought idli rice and udon beans and mint chutney and mango paste.

Last night, for Mr. Darcey's birthday party, (YES, another PARTY!) We snacked on flax crackers and hummus with veggies and then supped on the most delicious Curried Pumpkin Soup, and then ate Biramyi Chicken (made by opening a pouch, dumping it over chicken, and cooking it in the crock pot on low all day).

I served it with quinoa lentil salad, deep fried veggie pakodas made with besan flour (chickpea), and DOSA!    Everything is delicious when accented with mint chutney. It was a flavor gastro-ephiphany!

And dessert? A delicious mango custard and the best G-F BIRTHDAY CAKE!

And when I return next week from traveling to the next party, (I KNOW!) I will put all the recipes online.

Just one hint? DOSA's are the worthy of the GF KING of bread designation due to the ease of cooking, two simple ingredients and deliciousness!!!! (google the recipe if you need it before I post it!)

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