Friday, August 5

GF Power / Granola Bars Backpacking Food

G-F backpacking and G-F back to school? How are these two related? Well, their commonalities should be obvious!

Each are desperate g-f times that call for desperate g-f measures!

Gluten-free backpacking for a week in the High Uintas and embarking on the first day of school--both require some inventiveness and delicious comfort foods. (AND BACKPACKS, Duh, Mom).

My boys, Alaska-bound guy (formerly college-guy) and the other two Messrs. Darcey went hiking and had to have camp food in gluten free form, and thus far, Mountain House has nothing available that is gf.

The guys ate great and enjoyed the time and as far as I could tell, came home healthy and also ecstatically happy, (my man's perpetual state when out in the wilderness.)

I have listed some ideas for camp food in previous posts--yet backpacking can be a whole different ballgame because of the weight limitations. A list of the minimalist backpacking fare:Ah HA! The commonality? These are high in nutrients and so every year I make them for hiking and the first day of school.

Reality Bite: This post is primarily for my benefit as each year I scrounge through the mental faculties to recreate the wheel and I've decided that if the wheel is already invented, I'd better jot down the design this time.