Tuesday, September 16

GF Camp Food Ideas

The family loves to camp and so we go often.

Typical menu for the Cub Scout Water Boil-It Camper:

  • Instant potatoes with gravy and frozen, precooked hamburger thrown in.
  • Minute rice w/lemon pepper and canned tuna
  • Instant 3-minute GF Pasta see www.glutenfreebcg.com with cheese powder
  • If weight is not an issue, cans of soup or chili are good and easy-Progresso has some GF good ones EnerG crackers are delicious in place of saltines
  • Corn tortilla do not require refrigeration and are easily sprayed with Pam, fried and filled.


Fruit Snacks are GF!
Granola is always good -- see recipe on blog
Peanut Butter Granola Bars are delicious! see recipe on blog
Jiffy Pop cooked over the fire is so fun.
Smores can be managed with Pams or Glutino cookies, chocolate, and marshmellows.
Gorp, nuts, dried fruit and M&M's are a fun and nutritious treat.


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