Tuesday, August 31

Campfire Party

Build the perfect fire and while it burns down, whittle the perfect willow stick. Then carefully roast the perfect marshmellow, then break off a piece of chocolate and slide the marshmellow onto the chocolate.
Then watch it cool miserably until you can mash it between two fingers and slurp it down 'cause up til today, I've never found a good gf graham cracker.

While this one by Kinninnick is not totally reminiscent of the old Keebler Honey Maid, it is to the best of my recollection the best GF Graham Cracker I've had in six years.

I'm willing to try another recipe if someone has a great one, because it's still a very expensive snack, but worth every bite!

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G. said...

I just found this homemade gf graham recipe I plan on making this weekend to use for s'mores. http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2010/06/gluten-free-graham-crackers-recipe.html