Tuesday, August 31

Flour, flour, everywhere!

BOTCHED flour mix! What now?

Just whistling along yesterday, mixing up muffins, waffles, snickerdoodles, and I find I'm clean out of my G.F. flour mix.

So I begin to combine and mix and it takes all my concentration to remember which flours I've added and which I'm in the middle of grinding, or finding in my grain stores under the stairs. ( I have to turn off the mp3 right in the middle of the Hunger Games and concentrate!)

In the middle of flinging flour and refilling all my stores, I discover I'm out of millet! So, off I rush to the seed store. Some agricultural co-ops carry food grade millet in the birdseed aisle in 50 lb. bags and in bulk it's about 200 times cheaper that the health food store. So I buy it, and grind it and head to the freezer for the exotic grains. I throw in a cup of buckwheat, almond meal, coconut flour, quinoa, and I'm hunting for some soy flour... it's got to be somewhere. Don't tell me I'm out of that too!

Ah ha! Right in the door--I spy a jar of bean flour, pinto bean flour and that's just as good, I guess.

I dump what's left of that into the mix and start to sift. Suddenly I get a whiff of onion. Hmmm, I haven't added dried onion. And the sifter is catching flecks of red... red pepper? I grab the jar. The pinto bean flour is refried bean mix and has been flavored with all the deliciousness of Mexico.

Oh great. Fifteen cups of Rotino flavored flour. Whatever am I going to do with all of it? More inventing... much more inventing. Hmmm, hot and spicy muffins, savory wrap bread, Mexican pizza. Oh well, I've needed some incentive to continue g-f cooking. It's quite disheartening to bake GF for only me. I do have an opening for GF food taster since my testers (the food disposals) have gone back to college.

The worst part is that after I'm through inventing, I'll have developed an affinity for this particular flour mix, and then never again will I be able to replicate it.

Phhheeewwww! Such is life.

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