Monday, August 30

GF Snickerdoodles

I have tried gf snickerdoodle recipes before and have never been satisfied. Today I tried this one from Gluten Free Homemaker and liked it the best so far.
I mixed it as the recipe recommended, but had to add another full cup of flour to prevent it running over the pan in thin trails. I added an extra half cup of brown rice flour and a half cup of my eight flour mix, just to give it some nutrients.

I baked it shy of ten minutes to keep the cookies from being too burned and crispy. I do like a chewy snicker.

Good luck with your own recipe testing.


Linda said...

I'm glad you liked them. They look good. I can't believe you had to add another whole cup of flour! I just check my recipe to be sure I had written it up properly and didn't find any mistakes. I guess it's a difference in climate and flours.

Terina Dee said...

I live in Swampville, more moisture in the air than an aquarium. That could be the reason. I know how it feels to wonder how recipes turn out for others and it's good to know. I'm still gobbling them today. Thanks for the recipe!

Dia D said...

I LOVE snickerdoodles! YUM.