Saturday, August 27

GF Hamburger Buns

GF Hamburger Buns? Yum! Why Have I waited so long?

I have hoarded these adorable pans for a very long time trying to get up the nerve to bake buns.

I don't know why I have never done it in my long years of g-f bakedness? Perhaps it was all the blogs floating out there telling me how hard they are to make--that they turn out dry and crumbly or too dense.

And the fact that my people make burgers disappear faster than I can make buns or bread is no incentive.

I'm happy to announce that the era of bum bun information is over. And it's no big deal.

Wilton 4 inch cake pans and my regular bread recipe with 1/4 cup flax.

You know I can't leave a recipe alone, so at the last minute, the flax was just sitting there... and plop...

I used Bette's Featherlight Rice Bread Recipe (using only 1 cup water and oil, not butter)

with my higher-nutrient version of Bette's featherlight flour mix which includes extra buckwheat, sorghum and millet.

The pans half filled with bread dough, ten minutes rise time (when I forgot to turn off the 170 degree proofing oven) and 15 minutes bake time made these absolutely delicious.

Now to find the burger before the buns disappear.  TOO LATE!  

( Maybe I have made them before and I just don't remember--I've slept.)

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