Wednesday, January 5

Be GF and LIVE!

Holidays are wonderful in the ol' home town. It snowed for days before Christmas and when the whole town is muffled in white, it's a scene from a Robert Frost poem and the whole world just seems more peaceful. We were cozy and except for breaking through the snowcap to tromp out and refill the wood bin, we mostly stayed snuggled in and comfy.

Christmas Eve, I suited up and clomped "downtown" to the post office to pick up packages (the postman called up to warn me they were there.) I waited patiently in the line at the foyer until a man at the end of the line inside waved me in and called out, "Well, hello, my saving angel."

After 30 years of absentia, there are a lot more people who know me than visa-versa. After all, just the day before at the DMV, I had to be reintroduced to a close friend with whom I graduated (unbelievable because there were only 50 of us), so I just smiled and waited for clarification.

Finally, the lady ahead of him (my former piano teacher) prompted him, "Oh, How is she that?"

He said, "I was nearly dead this summer and the doctors wanted to remove my spleen and part of my liver and she said, 'Git off that gluten,' and I did and here I am, forty pounds heavier and healthy as ever."

I didn't even recognize my seventy-year old, next door neighbor; he looked so healthy.

So here it is again, "Git off that gluten and have a healthy and happy New Year!"

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