Wednesday, December 15

NAET Gluten-Free Treatment Ineffective

I have been investigating alternate treatments for gluten sensitivity allergy and celiac disease. I was first introduced to this procedure N.A.E.T. through a chiropractor in Wyoming early in 2007. I have not myself ever participated, but have watched the procedure done.

I have a friend who is an advocate of this procedure and she has been taking the treatments for a year. She felt success because her body responded positively, ie., she would eat gluten, and have none of her common side effects, no vomiting, no stomach pain, no headaches.

Recently she had an upper GI scope and despite no symptoms, has totally "trashed her intestines," says her GI doctor.

So, once again I must say from her experience that for me there are no easy fixes. Do the Diet or Die.


Ina said...

I so, so agree with you! Which puts to mind a question? It has been my experience, after 15 years of being gluten free, that even the slightest cross contamination, 1/2 a crumb, and my reactions are now 100 X's worse than what they used to be, back in the day. So the longer you are gluten free, the worse the reaction to gluten contamination? Seems to be the case for me. What will happen down the road? I rarely eat out, and then only places I trust. But in terms of travel, this could be a scary prospect.
Brings to mind anaphalactic (spelling) shock? I wonder, and have not seen any studies about this have you? Food for thought, but in my world, only, ever, gluten free! Thankyou for this info, Ina

Terina Dee said...

Ina, thanks for your insights. I too have the same concerns. I know that if it were an allergy the treatment is small dozes to ameliorate it. Our disease is not an allergy, but is some relation to hyper sensitizing over a lengthy period of time! I'm afraid! I'll look into it more and watch for links of studies that address this.