Monday, January 10

GF Nestle Tollhouse Cookie

Today is experiment day. I read on-line that somebody needs a GF tollhouse and I thought, "Yum." and that's all it takes to make my tastebuds kick into overdrive.

I took the recipe off the original package (after I googled "Original Tollhouse Recipe" and got 5 different ones) and mixed it up.

I split the dough in half before adding the flours to see what might taste better.

In half I stirred 1 1/2 cups sorghum, 1 tsp. xanthum (guar gum) and 1/2 tsp soda.

In the other half I stirred in a cup and a half of commercial GF flour mix (Jules, King Arthur, Bette's Blue Chip,) (doesn't seem to matter as these are all primarily comprised of starches anyway) along with the tsp of xanthum and 1/2 tsp soda.

They are baking at 375 for 10 minutes.

The first batch turned out too flat and burnt. So I added another half cup of the respective flours to each of the dough and tried again, lowering the temperature to 350 for 10 minutes.

Beautiful. Each dough was delicious (my criteria for good cookies is the prebaked flavor)
and the cookies tasted wonderful.

My proclivity was for the totally nutrition-less starch filled option, but the nutrient filled sorghum option was also very delicious. For we, the nutrient starved Celiacs, sorghum flour has to still be the winner in all categories!!! (I order mine at the GF certified

Then I had this weird overwhelming feeling of deja-vu and checked this very website. I did this in 2006 also. Oh well. I've slept since then. GF Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe

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