Wednesday, November 3


175 people, yet so fun and so easy. The taco truck came and parked in the driveway and made life so easy! I'm stuck with six extra cakes, and not a one gluten free one in the bunch!

Fiesta Adios! Party's Over!

Whew, glad that's over. I forgot photographs during the event, but I should have snapped a shot of the detritus afterward.

Today, I'm baking a gluten-free cake. I can't look at these languishing in the freezer one more minute without cracking one open and gobbling it up. The rice and beans I made were naturally gluten free and here are the recipes.

Smoky Chili Rice follow this link

Refried beans, I used the standard recipe, I soaked pintos overnight, rinsed then simmered then all day in water with onion. When they were soft, I added a handful of bacon (already fried and crisped--remember, I'm bacon lazy) and mashed them with my potato masher. I added a scoop of taco seasoning and a splash of salsa and they were delicioso!

If you were wondering, the side dish calculation is four pots of beans = 3 oz. per serving for 175 people, approximately 6 gallons of beans, just FYI.

Next week's house party is back to 12 people and gluten-free stability! Hurrah!

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Dia D said...

Oh, I love the fluffy things and lights!