Wednesday, November 3

Thirteen beautiful rolls of Poison!

On Friday I get to go to school to help with 6th grade Science Enrichment. Our topic is safe lab practices. I've been practicing preventive safe lab practices all this week because I've been baking cake--not gluten free cake.

I'm in the midst of baking, rolling, unrolling, filling, rerolling and frosting cakes, and when one is working with dangerous substances, safe lab practices are essential.

I'm clearing the counter, washing all tools in hot soapy water, dishtowels in separate loads in the washer and I've changing clothes twice during the process. (It's a contamination issue, because I spill a lot.)

Most importantly, I'm baking cakes with my retainers in. Retainers are worth more than just a great smile, sometimes they are a life-saver. Unfortunately, I am a taster baker which means that after the cake is in the pan, the frosting or the batter tool makes it to the mouth on it's way to the dishwasher. And that thoughtless little mistake could prove deadly, so I'm wearing the retainers and it's working.

I'm glad I don't do this very often because it's torture to bake thirteen cakes without slurping even one drop, nor pulling even a crumb off the baked pan.
(This is not wrapped solely for my protection, but because the cake has to freeze solid before it can be frosted.)

The final slap, in the time it takes me to bake one gluten-free cake--I can have four box cakes whipped up and out of the oven.

Oh the trials! What I will sacrifice for beauty, no I mean health--well, health and beauty.

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