Tuesday, November 9

Delectable Bread-GF Pantry

WOW! A non-gf friend brought me a loaf, I was cynical. No way a boxed mix for bread could be that good.

It is! I whole-heartedly recommend it. She bought the mix at Walmart, but couldn't remember the brand, so I went there-found it was our old friend Gluten Free Pantry and bought the box, brought it home, mixed it up and put it into my warm oven to raise.

I forgot it and it over-raised for 45 minutes. It was way over the top of the pan so I dumped it back, remixed it and set it in to raise for ten minutes. It got to the top of the pan like the instructions said and I baked it. It rose more, baked beautifully, and I covered it with foil the last twenty minutes of baking.

Gotta love a loaf that is forgiving. But, you know me, now I've gotta replicate the recipe so it doesn't cost $5 bucks every time I bake a loaf.

It's so perfect (albeit white and nutritionless) that this may become our new church sacrament/communion loaf. We'll see.

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