Thursday, August 26

Tapenade/Olivata Recipe

Need an easy, fast G-F hor dourve?    This recipe is delicious. 

This version is delicious on a crusty bread.

 2 cans chopped black olives 
 1 bundle of green onions--I use the onion part and alot of the green stem part too 
 ! can chopped green chilis 
 One  of the large cans of chopped tomatoes 
 garlic to taste 
 1-2 tbsp. of oil 
 1-2 tbsp. of vinegar 

 salt to taste 

Throwback Thursday, 8-26-10,  summer in Montana is chilly, particularly for a girl accustomed to 95 degree low at night, but I layered up and set off to family in Montana. We visited the gold mining ghost town--Bannack, a mining museum in Butte and spent a day touring Helena.

Then we ate at Helena's Mediterranean Grill restaurant and sampled tapenade, and hummus. The place was very amenable to gluten-free options. It was delicious, but I should have brought my own focaccia, wrap bread or crackers.

Yum, tapenade! I've just discovered a delicious new taste sensation for those of us trying to up our fat and sodium levels. Are there none of you out there? Perhaps you have been scrimping on salt and butter just for this occasion, and are looking forward to take a sodium/fat hit for a wonderful taste sensation?

Easy Olivada/Tapenade

I chopped a couple of 10 oz. cans of black olives, drained.
I added about 1/4 cup chopped red onion,
1/2 tsp. minced garlic and about
a tablespoon of olive oil

and chopped the whole mass a little bit more. I threw in five pitted kalamata olives (but be careful, this can quickly overwhelm the flavor).

I served it on homemade crackers and with the spinach/artichoke hummus, it was an appetizer hit at the "welcome-home-for-a-week" party for the college kids (who jaunted back between semesters.)

We also ate baba ghanoush for the first time, and I have just one thing to say about baba ghanoush, but I want to say it ten times because it's so much fun on the tongue.

Baba ghanoush tastes wonderful!!!

Maybe I'll try to make that sometime. Hmmm, eggplant...

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