Thursday, August 26

Genghis Khan and Rib Crib

Today begins my new restaurant critique section. We haven't frequented restaurants much in the past. We had a myriad of reasons, but the total truth?

Fiscally there was no way to fill up the college guy when he dined out, for less than fifty bucks. Now that he has moved on to college, we may find dining out more affordable.

And, we'll helping the economy--so maybe once a month?

Last month, we went to Rib Crib and learned that the seasoning rub for all of their meat uses wheat. This is different than the last time I went there, when the waitstaff told me that it was all gf.

This made me vow that I'd better get better versed in gluten-free restaurant awareness.

The family yesterday visited a national franchise, and this morning I tried to remember the name to write about it. I first thought, Hannibal, Atilla the Hun, no, it started with a G! Gunga Din? No Genghis Khan! Ah Ha!

Hey, it was early.

Genghis Khan restaurant does have a GF menu and serves on specific GF dishes. They cook on a sanitized grill and cover the food while its cooking. However, the three choices for sauce are roasted tomato, chili and more chili. Gaagh! Nothing like italian/mongolian grill.


Then get online at and ask them why they don't switch to LaChoy instead of kikkoman. Who knows what HUGE difference that tiny little change would make to our g-f community.

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