Wednesday, June 9

GF Fruit Salad - Jello, or not?


1962 Retro cookbook. I remember Mom spending Saturday night prep-cooking for Sunday dinner and this cookbook made gelatin so many fabulous ways. And I helped. We fluffed it, blended, layered, added all the tasty ingredients and, yes the addition of carrots and walnuts to green jello is still one of Mom's favorites. Living in the Jello capitol of the nation, how could we not love it? It would be like living in Hawaii and eschewing Spam!

I've been a bad Mom in that regard. None of my kids ever ate jello, not fluffed, blended, layered or even prefab from the supermarket. They just don't do that in Oklahoma. But I just read somewhere that it's a great gluten-free food, and a good source of protein.

Back in the day, we called it jello salad, and served it as an appetizer, like all good salads should be served! Imagine my shock when at the first meal with the "In-Law's", the to-be mother-in-law moved my salad to the dessert table! What? After the meal, not first! Honey, this may well be a deal breaker!

But I stayed in for the long haul and my children say yeech to jello, before dinner or after, but in one way, my family traditions won out! The kids are totally willing to eat a fruit salad, sans gelatin as an appetizer.

This Sunday, I fixed one of our favorites. I was always told this version of a fruit salad was a waldorf salad, but my friend just brought back this recipe from South Africa. Who Knew!

One can Dole Tropical Salad (15.25 oz., drained)
one banana diced
one apple diced
strawberries (If you happen to have them in the fridge)
1 tsp. lemon juice

Decadence is total if you add this last piece-de-resistance--I didn't.

1 8 oz. whipped topping (or 8 oz. of the real stuff- whipped cream)

Mix together just before serving.

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