Wednesday, June 9

Chicken Garam Masala w/Basmati Rice

Some days totally get away from me and I don't rein it in again until after dinnertime. Today was one of those. I'm supposed to be packing college bound guy, but instead I'm meandering about outside caulking joints on the new shed and placing trim. (I used 74 finishing nails on two 1x4's--Is that overkill?)

Anyway, I was still out there filling holes when I realized it was dinner time. I had a couple of pieces of chicken that I put on ignore in the crockpot early in the day and they were about done. I threw them into my rice cooker, with a undrained can of diced tomatoes, a tsp. of minced garlic (from a bottle. I know, blasphemy on a food blog,) 1 tsp onion powder (hey, no time to dice onions!) and a tablespoon of my new favorite spice Garam Masala, two cups of basmati rice and two cups water.

Then I dashed off to take the young one to sports practice.

Voila! When I got home, the rice cooker had shut itself off and there was a most lovely dish for dinner. It did need some salting, but it was delish and not at all too hot or overly spicy.

Do try garam masala from the India food market. While you are there, buy turmeric as your new anti-inflammatory. Avoid Hing, but most all other spices there have no gluten added. There are also some sites online for mixing up your own garam masala. How can you go wrong with that stuff? Yum!

College girl tells me that this is the same recipe I always use, only different ingredients.

Hmmm, no wonder it tasted so good?

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