Tuesday, May 4

A GF Greater Purpose

I’m on vacation, a real vacation, (not merely that “change of venue” thing). I went alone, just me, (NO KIDS) to do what most people do on vacation-- relax, renew and refill my ever out-flowing bucket. Once a year, I need confirmation that whatever I am doing in life has value— so for the past seventeen years, I have jaunted out to a little conference for women in Utah for a drop of spiritual, physical and mental rejuvenation.

And amidst a sea of about fifteen thousand other women, I have never yet failed to return home, coughing, sputtering, nearly drowned in the deluge.

The first day, I sat in classes amid a sea of women who were all seeking renewed purpose. Together we are reminded of what makes up true beauty, how to recognize and battle negativity, and my favorite class, How to stop asking “why” about the situation in Africa and start asking “What can I do?” Through it all, I learn how I can find the inner strength to persevere throughout the coming year.

That evening I joined women in service projects to benefit others, and we completed 14,000 hygiene kits for humanitarian aid.

I was quilting with my sisters and their daughters and enjoying a Cliff Note version of the classes they attended when a woman stopped near our table. She employed a little grade school self talk, convincing herself that she could ask us if she can play, and joined our table.

During the next hour we finished one quilt and started another, and casual conversation somehow leads us on the familiar path to family and health concerns. Turns out her Dad was just diagnosed with… (YOU JUMPED AHEAD!!!)

Yup, celiac disease! In my shock, I sat in stunned dismay, but my niece announced quickly, “You just sat down to your own personalized celiac support group. Our whole family has it. What do you need to know?”

So, if this woman can find direction and be led to us for answers, does what I am doing right now have greater purpose? I guess so.

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Dia D said...

I love it! Simple story, told spiritually--great. Thanks for being you.