Monday, March 1

GF Waffles for college kids

GF Cooking at College will be my topic over the next few months as the eldest son ventures off to college in but a few months.

He needs to practice some great simple, yet cheap recipes and so for three of the last four mornings this week we have eaten GF waffles. They are easy and fast if I already have the mix made up.

He uses a scoop of my pancake mix, an egg, some milk, and a glug of oil. (I increase the mix or the milk to make as many as needed.)   Easy like the old days of non-gf Aunt Jemima's buttermilk complete.   As a youth, I remember scooping it up, dumping in the milk and making pancakes for the hoard of teenagers after school and fruit waffles with ice cream late night after our dates.

I priced out the branded packages of GF pancake mix and they are twice as expensive for half as much. If I HAD TO PAY FOR THIS KID TO EAT LIKE THAT... we would be in the poor house.
This is typical for most prefab GF foods, and there is no guarantee that expensive = edible, so mix this one up for yourself and benefit on every level.

Buy in bulk and save even more.
Ah, living the G-F Reality and life is again sweet and easy.


Dia D said...

but college kids don't own waffle makers!

iand said...

maybe you don't...