Sunday, February 28

Pulling Hairs: A Super Silly Celiac Conversation

A Visit with the American Physician in Hong Kong--2010

Dr.:  “So I’m calling to get back in touch about your mom's medical concerns with regards to your autoimmune disease.  Will you just do a simple test over the phone so I can get an idea of the problem?” 

The daughter, me, Sis. D:  “Yeah.”
I could find no emoticon for chagrin, so I made one.

Dr.: “Isolate 30 hairs on your head and pull on them--just hard enough that it stings a little bit.”

Me, Sis. D: “Um… all right.”

Dr. Guy: “Now count how many hairs came out. It's totally normally for five or even ten to release."

Sis D: “Uh, all 30.”

Thinking to herself, “ I could've told you that without the waste of good hair. What part of 'hair falling out' did we not understand?”

Dr.: “Hmmmm, I’m going to have to do some research on this as it could be a myriad of things. I'm not too up to date with my celiac research. Don't worry--Oh, and before I hang up, I just want to ask, Do you think this is more of a "worried momma bear" issue or a real issue?”

Sis D: “Yeah, um, seems real, but I think you should probably still go ahead and call my mom, you know, just to let her know what's going on and kind of... reassure her? 

Dr.: “Oh, okay.  I'll call her right now.”

Two hours later. 

Dr.: “Sister D., talking to your mother was a joy.  I wish every mother I spoke to was like her.  She’s done her research and she really knows her stuff.  We will be ordering the following tests just to eliminate potential problems and allay her valid concerns.”

Sister D: “Thank you.”

Reality Bite:  Somehow amongst the superciliousness that accompanies medicine, become an advocate for yourself.  You Don't Have To Be An Expert on Every Disease,  JUST YOURS!

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