Thursday, March 4

Martha's Healthy Living GF Advice

Martha's last magazine, April 2010 (the annual Easter Eggs cover) has an article on GF on page 168, written by Cara Burnbaum. It's all about GF being more than medical, but healthy.

I quote, "I[datomg fpvprote bread amd [asta reco[es emcpirages cppl tp [au wotj mew omgredoemts amd tecjmoqies/

Oops, fingers on the wrong row... again...

"Updating favorite bread and pasta recipes encourages cooks to play with new ingredients and techniques. (The example was lasagna made the same, but using thin sliced zucchini ribbons for noodles.)

DO IT. Take your old favorite and change it up, modify and update. I think GF recipe modification for GF makes many of my recipes healthier.

P.S. Of the four recipes offered in the magazine, I'm trying the almond poppy crackers today.

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